About Us

Campino production started in Portugal in the late 60’s.

Production in large scale was achieved in 1971.

Nowadays we are one of the oldest companies in the tomato sector in Portugal with almost 50 years.

We’ve been involved, since the beginning, in the evolution of the feeding habits all over the world trying to identify the specific requirements and come up with proper answers.

Such dynamics led to its historical bond with the Concentrated Tomato industry in Portugal for Pizzas, Tomato dishes and other traditional ready meals.

We’re proud to have among our partners some of the largest European groups which have chosen us as their reliable supplier.

The evolution of the market and increased consumption require that new solutions must be found considering the need to optimize the usage of products and the environmental protection.

Having identified this reality, we’re currently involved in several projects related with the usage of new products, new types of packaging and promoting a sustainable and fair trade.

Our Brands

“Campino” and “Pampilho” became a leading brand to Pizza producers in several markets.

Quality, competitiveness food safety and taste are the best ingredients for a combination that enables this long-term success and huge customer trust.

Both brands represent tradition, daily hard work, effort and determination to produce reliable premium quality products which we’re proud to export all over the world.

Contact Us
Vising and mailing adress
Campo Grande 380
Rua Odette Saint Maurice Lote 3C, Escritório G
+351 217 541 120
Tiago Agostinho
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